20 Gift Ideas For New Born Babies


New born babies’ arrival is one of the most exciting times not only for their family but their relatives and friends too. Giving gifts to these angels can be extremely daunting especially to people who do not have any experience in this criterion. What every giver desires is to give something extra ordinary and one of a kind, something that their parents would cherish and be happy receiving.

20 Gift Ideas for New Born Babies

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To kick off with a good list of the 20 gift ideas for newborn babies, check on the list below:

  1. Baby’s clothes: You can never go wrong giving away clothes for infants. Clothing like bibs, caps, booties, vests and mittens can be very useful. Just to note though, avoid giving clothes made of synthetic fabrics as they are not good for infant’s sensitive skin.
  2. Baby diapers: Diapers (disposable or cloth diapers) is indeed one of the most useful gifts to giveaway. Make sure that you are buying diapers from a reputable brand and the right sizes.
  3. Baby bath: Especially for first time parents, feeling anxious putting their babies to bath is normal. Giving them baby bath can somehow help them doing this task easier.
  4. Baby photo album: This is a gift that any new parents would love. This can help them record their entire baby’s milestones, first smile, first teeth etc.
  5. Baby swaddling cloth: Babies can be very messy at times; hence the draping sheets would help parents a lot cleaning up their babies. Choose the cotton ones for baby’s comfort.
  6. Silver jewelleries: Gifting infant’s silver has been part of the tradition way back. The auspicious of metals giving babies health benefits made this a good gift to give. You can choose from jewellery options of anklets, bangles, etc.
  7. Musical toys and rattles: When you get in a toy shop, you would definitely love the wide range of musical toys and bangles you can see. Not only they are aesthetically beautiful and charming, but these kind of toys help pacify baby and even put them to sleep.
  8. Bed linen: This is another good gift to give infants. These bed linens come in different sizes, designs and colours. It is best to consider quick dry variety.
  9. Room decor: This is indeed one of the easiest gifts to give away for infants. With the many options of room decors to choose from, for sure, you will never go the wrong way. Room decors can be height charts, carpets, rugs, drapes, wall stickers, picture frames and more.
  10. Play gym/cot mobiles: Play gym and cot mobile can be a good gift to give children. These items can help parents do other chores without worrying. You can try to check out those that are musical types for baby’s additional entertainment.
  11. Carrier sling: You can choose from either the baby carrier or carrier sling, both are very practical to give away infants. It is a must that before you buy them, ask for age recommendations. Smaller babies most of the time need more neck support.
  12. Baby teeters and pacifiers: This is another practical gift to give. They come in many forms and characters; hence you have the option to choose whether you want the animal characters or Disney characters and more. Choose non toxic materials for baby’s safety.
  13. Skincare products: This gift would surely be loved by parents. There are many brands offering baby skincare products in package, including lotion, shampoo, baby soap, massage oil, baby wipes, rash cream etc. It is necessary that you check the product’s formula. Baby’s skin is so sensitive and the products you buy should be made specifically for them.
  14. Baby furniture: Buying baby furniture like dressers, cot beds, cribs, rocking chair, baby highchair and travel costs. This furniture come in different finishes and style, hence giving you wide variety of options.
  15. Teaching kits: This is another good gift idea. Buy gifts with the purpose of teaching kids, numbers, body parts, colors, letters and the like. These teaching kits may include, playing blocks (soft), finger puppets, DVD sets of rhymes and more.
  16. Feeding essentials: You can opt gifting feeding essentials like bottle covers, bottle brushes, sippers, bibs, breast pads, breast pumps and the like.
  17. Diaper bag: Giving diaper bag that can carry changing mat, baby wipes, tissues, diaper rash cream and more is very helpful.
  18. DIY or Do It Yourself Gifts: Yes, you can use your creativity and give homemade gifts like knitted items, sweater, cap, socks and the like. You can consider personalizing these gifts by putting the baby’s name on it.
  19. Baby proofing kit: It is a must that parents make their home baby proof. But this kind of gift is highly recommended to be given in advance, so even before the baby comes out, their home is already baby proof.
  20. Gift cheque: If you really cannot think of a gift to give, give the parents with gift cheque. By doing so, you are giving them the chance to choose/buy what their baby currently needs.

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