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Fifteen small kitchen decoration ideas


A small kitchen doesn’t have to compromise on style. These 15 are good examples of this. Open, closed or semi, white, wooden or black. Look at this selection of photos and get inspired by yours

Small Kitchens With A Country Feel

kitchen decoration ideas

The lack of meters is no excuse to give up style. And this kitchen is a good example. Set in an L shape and with a small island in the middle, this open kitchen features an off-white that is warmed by the cream paint on the walls. The paneled cabinets, as well as a careful selection of decoration – the wall lights or adding pictures in the kitchen, is an aesthetic success – help this kitchen to breathe a certain Provencal air.

U Planning Or How To Make Good Use Of Every Inch

Whether the kitchen is open or closed, the U-shaped layout is the best option to get as much work surface as possible. If it is closed, avoid placing tall cabinets on all the walls, do it only on one. Meanwhile, if it is open, it turns that part of the countertop into a makeshift office. Another tip: choose simple furniture, avoiding moldings and handles, as in this kitchen decorated by Asun Antó.

Don’t Give Up On Color

In the decoration of a small kitchen, we do not have to give up more personal and intense colors, such as blue or green, capable of giving them a lot of personalities. To avoid being burdensome, place modules only at the bottom, line the sill with tiles or the same material as the countertop and then place a delicate wallpaper on the top. The result could not be more welcoming.

In A Little Hole

It is common for beach apartments to have open kitchens: they invite conversation and expand the space. In addition, they are usually a little smaller, scratching all the possible meters for other uses, such as the living room or bedrooms. This takes advantage of a setback in the wall to place the fire area there, while what can be seen of the living room are the cabinets, with a finish like aged wood that helps to integrate it with the rest of the furniture in the living room.

An Updated Country Style Small Kitchen

Mountain style doesn’t have to be dark or old-fashioned, as this modern kitchen demonstrates. The cabinet fronts are finished in bleached wood, while the countertop is white. Both elements invite light and expand it. Meanwhile, the current point is put by the black details that we see in the wall lights, the lamps, or the floor.

Open And Very Modern

Completely integrated, this open kitchen, designed by the interior designer Pía Capdevila, goes completely unnoticed thanks to the wooden peninsula, which almost looks like living room furniture. Afterward, the rest of the furniture, as well as the walls, are white, so that it boasts a lot of light and the space seems larger.

No Tall Cabinets

When the kitchen is very small, a good idea to avoid saturating the environment is not to place tall cabinets. It is true that you will give up the storage lake, but the kitchen will be much more comfortable and welcoming. This is what interior designer Marta Nogueras did in this taupe kitchen.

A Small Kitchen In Black And Wood

Yes, believe it or not, black can also flirt with wood to decorate the kitchen. A good example is this semi-open. Configured in parallel, the storage, and the refrigerator has been located on the wall that we see. Meanwhile, on the other, the stove and the hood are protected (and hidden from the view of the living room) by the wall. And that breakfast bar? The worktop has been lengthened to make it the perfect mini office for this black kitchen.

A Total White Small Kitchen

Because the total white look fits perfectly in a small kitchen like this one. And it is that from the cabinets, of course, to the hood, the taps and even the ceramic hob in this kitchen are white. To give it warmth and make it more welcoming, the top is made of solid wood, the same that has been used for the open shelves.

‘Minimal’ Effect

With handleless cabinets and a very purist aesthetic, this is an example of a small kitchen. For more storage, the bar has cabinets that overlook the water area, while the worktop has been widened to make it comfortable. To give it warmth, accessories in natural and earthy tones have been added, such as flower pots, wooden boards, and fiber stools.

A Small Kitchen With An Island And A Bar

This kitchen has it all. From an island with a cooking area to a breakfast bar, passing through a huge window. And what to do when there is such a window in a small kitchen? There are hinged taps that do not hinder the opening of the window. By the way, the hood recessed in the ceiling makes the kitchen not so small and eliminates visual noise. View the rest of this apartment of 50 m 2.

A Very White Kitchen

You may wonder, how to have a small kitchen, without shelves and that does not make you want to run away? Making an indisputable bet on white and minimalism. As has been done in the kitchen in the photo. The fronts dispense with the artifice and the high shelves – which always eat up space a little – have been avoided. Then a wood finish has been used to give warmth, which is accentuated by the wooden stools and accessories.

The Plus For Small And Long Kitchens

If your kitchen looks like this, don’t give up on a bar. Don’t you see the effect and how little it takes up? This is one of the most common kitchen designs – one bare wall and all the furniture in line on the other. But what about the bottom line? Well, that leaves room for a minibar. A trick: with a single table you will have enough and you can store the stools underneath.

Small, Contemporary, And Traditional

This modern kitchen represents a masterful combination of styles. On the one hand, the modernity of the furniture, although with a Nordic touch, is due to the material and the absence of handles. On the other hand, the brick wall reminds us of industrial environments; and the hydraulic floor is a hallmark of the stately homes of the early twentieth century. A small, eclectic, and very personal kitchen.

A Small Kitchen That Is The Heart Of The House

To crossroads. This is how this kitchen is, which leaves a very fine line between the corridor, the kitchen, and the passage area. Because it’s three o’clock. And also the heart of this house. The chosen solution, opening a window in the wall –in order to gain natural light– and opening it to the walkway –to gain centimeters–, is masterful. And the best thing is that there is room to place a practical peninsula in this modern kitchen.

Having a small kitchen is not at odds with having a beautiful kitchen. How to get it? Take note of the decoration and organization tricks for small kitchens that we give you and that will help you gain space, light, and comfort. It’s not magic, just a matter of ingenuity and good practice.

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