clean a faux suede couch

How to clean a faux suede couch


Many people choose their sofa upholstery based on their cleaning needs. Not the same purchase fabric sofa faux suede couch. Surely in the first case, we must be careful so that it does not stain. Fabric upholstery is much more prone to staining.

The color we want for our living room is also very important. Obviously, the stains are much more visible in lighter colors and shades, while if we choose dark colors it is more likely that the dirt is not so evident and we do not have to wash the surface as often.

The leather couches have several advantages with respect to cleaning, since being a natural skin tissue repels dirt, it does not tend to get dirty much as traditional fabrics.

It has advantages

Keep in mind that natural leather has one main drawback. Its cleaning and maintenance require extra care and products. For this reason, more and more people are opting for leatherette sofas; more resistant to stains and with less care and maintenance than natural leather.

Faux suede is nothing more than a synthetic version of leather, which tries to imitate the texture and properties of natural leather. At first glance, we could mistake one type of fabric for the other. Although at the moment of truth they have little to do beyond their appearance and aesthetics.

The first fundamental difference is in its price: an imitation leather sofa is cheap compared to a natural leather sofa.

Years ago there was not much choice when we wanted to buy one of these sofas. The evolution of technology and science has made it increasingly easy to get a good quality leatherette. In our sofa store, you will find the best quality leatherette sofas on the market.

How to clean a faux suede couch

One of the main advantages of this type of fabric is undoubtedly its easy maintenance and cleaning. These types of fabrics are resistant to dirt and repellent to water, which makes them a good material to avoid everyday stains.

The properties of this material mean that most of the stains are not impregnated on the surface. Even so, there are others that can annoy our sofa and that should be removed at the time of production in order to prevent them from remaining there permanently.

It is best to wipe the surface with a dry cloth. When they are more difficult stains, moisten them with a little warm water and neutral soap. You should rub until the dirt disappears.

If you have any doubts about it, do not worry, since in our sofa store we will clear up any question that may appear in your mind so that you are able to do optimal maintenance of your wonderful and brand new sofa.