germinate capsicum seeds

How to germinate capsicum seeds?


Capsicum is a tropical plant that is used for cooking. They can tolerate temperatures up to 30C so it is possible to plan them even in a warm climate. The most popular species of the pepper genus are bell peppers, banana peppers, and jalapeno capsicum which have different flavors and shapes. Let’s see how to germinate capsicum seeds.

How to germinate capsicum seeds?

  1. Fill a jar with sand and add water until it covers the sand by 5 cm
  2. Cover the jar from the outside with a transparent plastic bag and leave it in a dark warm place for two weeks
  3. After two weeks, water and once a week and keep changing old sand with new sand after each watering
  4. Put your seeds in a jar with sand so that it is 1 cm deep
  5. After one week, you should see sprouts from the seeds which have to be planted immediately in the soil
  6. To plant capsicum, take a pot and fill it with previously fertilized soil
  7. The small planks should be planted with 5 cm between one another and care should be taken not to damage the sprouts
  8. Put them in a well-lit place but avoid direct sunlight
  9. Water them regularly so that soil doesn’t dry up
  10. Once your plant is 8 cm tall, transplant them to a bigger pot (12 inches)
  11. Keep them outdoors in a sunny place until summer comes
  12. After that, you can plant capsicum plants in the garden

Transplant capsicum

Capsicum is not growing fast so they are easy to handle. If our capsicum seeds were germinated on a paper towel, we can plant them in small pots filled with soil or substrate mixed with composted manure immediately after sprouting. The best time for transplanting our capsicum is when they are 10 cm tall. However, it is possible to grow them on a paper towel for some days if we have no choice. Take a pot, put substrate at the bottom and transplant your plant. Keep it outdoors but avoid direct sunlight which could burn its leaves. After three weeks of growing on soil, the plant will become stronger and will be able to resist the heat.

Watering capsicum

Capsicum plant should be watered frequently but you have not wet its leaves or fruits. We can water them every two days if the last watering was in the morning hours, otherwise, we can water them in the evening after 6 -7 PM for preventing dew drops on its leaves and burning them.


The Capsicum plant loves the heat, however, it can survive under 15C also. Cold weather makes its leaves pale and yellow but won’t kill it if kept outdoors in such conditions. If we grow our capsicum in colder areas, we should protect them from frost by covering them with plastic bags or something else.


Capsicum plant is a great choice for our balcony or garden because it grows without much care. However, the harvest season of capsicum is quite long so if you are thinking to grow them, choose some early or middle type capsicum seeds. Also, you have to take into consideration that they are not self-pollinating plants which mean that the seed will have a 50% of germination rate.

Capsicum is easy to be grown even by beginners so it is a great choice for beginning gardeners. Its fruits can be eaten raw or cooked, they are rich in vitamin A and C so they are good allies for our health. Moreover, capsicum plants give us additional benefits because their leaves can be used for preparing tea which is good against colds. You may also like to read this article germinating seeds in paper towel in House I love.