get rid of fear

How to get rid of fear


Getting rid of fear is possible if we face it head-on. To achieve this we have to identify the causes and the type of fear that we suffer. Once we know what fear we are facing, we can now look for solutions to get rid of it.

What is fear and what is it for

Experts agree that fear is a distressing sensation caused by real or imagined danger. Our body tenses, our breath, and our heart race. Keep in mind that it is a complex behavior. Depending on our psychological state and the context, it can be expressed in different ways.

Fear in itself is positive, it helps us get away from an event for which we are not yet prepared. Fear serves to survive, it can be said that it is a defense mechanism to adapt to the environment. It serves to increase our ability to react quickly to dangerous situations. Thanks to fear, we withdraw when there is a threat to our life or to our self-esteem.

On the other hand, fear taken to the extreme is a terrible mood or feeling. It causes us not to act, to suffer, and to have inner pain. People with fear are lost in the day to day of their lives. It makes people feel small, it makes us untrue, believing that everything is justified by fear. You can even overcome unsuspected limits. For example, if we are afraid of losing our job, we won’t mind betraying our colleagues. You also have to be careful, people who know you are afraid can use it to play with you, with your feelings.

Types of fear

The first typology is found in the differences between fears of real or unreal components. In the first case, there is a real possibility of danger. It helps us avoid danger immediately. On the other hand, irrational fear has its origin in an imaginary thought. There is no real danger, for example, if we are afraid to speak in public. If we take it to the extreme, these fears can turn into a phobia. This must be avoided so as not to harm our quality of life.

Fear may or may not be normal depending on how long it lasts. The first occurs when it is an adaptive reaction to a harmful stimulus for the affected person. This is short-lived, for example when we see a bee suddenly appear. In contrast, is pathological fear. It is characterized because it does not endanger anyone and lasts indefinitely. It must be avoided because it tends to affect psychologically. If we notice the symptoms, it is better to go to a specialist to help us.

There are also other types of fear such as the fear of going to the doctor or when a person is afraid of being ridiculed or judged by others. There are experts who recognize as typology the fear of uncertainty, commitment, success, failure, being discovered or loneliness.

Causes of fear

Anything can cause fear in the person. Throughout the day there are many situations that can cause us fear. The key is knowing how to manage them and give them the importance they deserve. It is not necessary that the fear is caused by a direct stimulus, it may have happened to a reference person. For example, if we have an excessively obese family member, we may become excessively afraid of eating certain foods.

Keys to get rid of fear

The keys to getting rid of fear are to recognize it, face it head-on and want to change. We have to keep what it brings us and makes us happy. There are emotions such as kindness, friendship, love, or solidarity that are always opposed to fear.

Leave fear behind and start to be happy now. We live in a society where possession and consumption prevail. There is a rule, the more we have, the more likely we are to fear that something is missing. We don’t have to be afraid of losing a job, a family, a home, or a car. We don’t have to depend on it.

Psychologists agree that if you let go of what binds you, you will end up losing your fear. There is a saying that “he who has nothing to lose has nothing to fear.” Possessions make us feel false security, which is not real. In fact, they prevent us from changing to be happy and evolve. Another popular saying says that “those who have more are not happier, but those who need the least.”