How to shoot better arrows in archery like a professional



Each and every archery coach will always tell you that practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the better the arrow shooter you become. Therefore, any archery player who would wish to perfect in the game should always make sure that they practice each and every day. To get the best out of archery shooting, you have to perfect in the following shooting techniques

Practice timing

To become a better shooter, try practicing timing. In fact, timing is the major practice that can help one become a real professional in a shooting. In your shooting, you can take up to 40 seconds for shooting but if you know how to time, you can even take 20 seconds for a single shot.

To aim off

Some conditions such as wind might be the reason why so many players might aim off. If you would love to aim off, you must as well consider practicing for it. Reason being, when you want to aim off, your body will always want to aim in the middle and it can be the end results if you do not know how to control the situation. Therefore, it is very important that one considers training and doing a lot of practice to help have a flexible body to aim off if need be.

The quantity

So many archers today can shoot about six, twelve or fifteen arrows at any given day. The quantity of arrow shooting makes it easy for a round to be complete. Quantity also gives the archery player an opportunity to be able to see the groups that are on the target and be able to join into the rhythm.

You can take it to the woods

To become a better arrow shooter, you can as well decide to take it to the woods. It is good to try and put distance between your target and you. If 20 yards is what you are used to shooting in, you can as well decide to shoot 30 yards off. Increase the distance once you feel like you are now comfortable hitting a target from a distance. Do not always feel afraid of pushing yourself for as long as you have a backstop that is safe. Practicing bow shooting through hunting can be the most exciting experience as well as the most perfect practice any archer can have.

The right bow

As much as aiming and practice makes perfect, having the right bow also contributes a lot to shooting better arrows as an archer. There are different archery bows that are made with different manufacturers. Different bow types have their own strengths and weaknesses. When choosing a bow, choice wiser because it will be decide if you will be able to shoot better arrows or not.

Learn to control

As an archer, you are you and your bow. Whatever decision that you will make will affect how you shoot your arrows. Do not just shoot anytime. Always choose when you would love to execute your shot. Do not be swayed by the counting of the coach or what others might be saying. Know that a great shot will depend on you. So, control when and why you would want to release your bow. At that particular moment, do not listen to any side distractions and complains.

Put in more effort

To become better archer, you must try as much as you can to practice each and every day. There is nothing like enough practice for an archer. You can even practice by shooting almost 200 arrows in a day. Do not just shoot for the sake of shooting, practice by shooting each arrow with maximum kind of effort. That is what will always make you a better shooter in the future.

The stretching bands

Before any shooting practice or lesson, you should always try to warm up with other exercises. Warming up before trying to shoot will make you a better shooter because the exercise helps a lot in muscle stimulation. The stretch bands will help your muscle feel flexible because muscle movement has been activated. Do this exercise when you do not have anything else to worry about. Concentrate on the exercise and forget all about other things that can make you feel distracted.


For one to become better archery or for one to become a better shooter, practice is always very important. For a practice to be effective, one has to go through different exercises and be able to learn a few very important techniques. The techniques and being consistent in practice is what can make one better archery. Unless you do not have any interest to become an archery expert, practice is always a must. Practice to focus, practice to aim among many more things.