Tune Up Brake Rim

How to Tune Up Brake Rim Absolute Guideline


If you’ve recently splashed out and bought yourself some new brake levers or brake calipers, or perhaps some new cables, or even you’ve just got five minutes to burn and you want to make sure that your breaking is AOK so you can stop safely.

Cable Tension

The first thing you’re going to check is to make sure that your inner cable doesn’t have any Slack in it at all.

This is especially important with the rear cable because there was often a couple of different cable stops where that rear brake cable can become stuck and confirm that you know how to tighten bike brakes quickly. So, make sure it’s nice and tight through there.

Otherwise, you could find yourself basically grabbing a break and not pulling anything correctly.

Now, if you have Ferrell’s on the end of your answer cable, make sure that the outer cable is pushed all the way inside of that Ferrell’s, the reason being if it’s not what you’re going to run.

The risk of happening is that the outer cable is going to be moving rather than the inner cable first.

Some riders, like to just touch the brake a little bit, and then those pants touch the rim. Whereas others like to almost touch the bar before the pants start touching the rim.

Now, one thing to take into consideration here is if you do like your pants very close to the rim is if you’ve got a pair of Flexi wheels or a Flexi frame, they could well rub when you get out of the saddle climbing for instance, or in a sprint.

Centre Calipers

Now in order to make sure that your brake calipers are aligned centrally. What you’re going to need to do is release the brake mounting bolt, either behind the forks.

Then line them up so that they are essential as possible by your eye and then tighten up that bolt.

Then you’ve normally got a screw or a socket head hair on the actual brake caliper itself that you can then fine-tune that adjustment to essentially alignment.

What you want to do is to make sure that both brake pads touch the rim at the same time. When you pull on that lever might take a little bit of effort, but it’s more than worth it for that perfect brake.

Brake Blocks

Now aligning the brake blocks can be a little bit fiddly, but fundamentally you want to make sure that the actual break block itself is in the center of the braking surface too low.

You’re gonna get bad breaking too high. You’re going to run the risk of going through the sidewall of your tire.

Grab yourself an Allen key. And what I like to do is actually hold the brake on, loosen it, and then line it up before re-tightening it.


If they are treated yourself some new ones, you’re worth it. Now do remember as well to like, and share this article with your friends and also leave me your comments down below on how you like to make sure your brakes are working properly.