Infallible tricks to clean the bathroom in five minutes


To keep your bathroom clean for longer, just do this 5-minute routine. You will also be able to postpone (a little) your general cleaning. Let’s do it! If you are one of those who does not like to clean the bathroom and always finds an excuse to leave it, this guide can be your salvation. With 5 minutes a day (or every two) will be enough to keep it clean for longer and postpone general cleaning (although without abusing it, eh?). With these tips, tricks, and routines you will be able to do the general cleaning of the bathroom every 15 days and it will take much less time. Everything is advantages! So put on your cleaning gloves and get to work!

Prepare What You Will Need (And Forget The Distractions)

To be more effective in cleaning the bathroom, prepare the cleaning products that you are going to use, as well as the utensils. You need a sponge, two cloths, the toilet cleaner and another for the toilets. One piece of advice: avoid having your mobile close by so as not to be distracted, put on some music, and dedicate 5 minutes (yes, only 5 minutes) to this task. It’s not difficult if you put your mind to it.

First Stop: The Toilet

Squirt cleaner down the toilet and hit it with the brush. Let it act while you dedicate yourself to the rest of the toilet. Then, with a cleaning cloth, make a pass over all the surfaces: the covers (below and above), the tank, and the base. If you want to clean the toilet more thoroughly, we have several tricks that will help you. Don’t miss the shooter. According to the international organization Hygiene Council, it is a great nest of bacteria. Clean it well and (always) lower the lid when flushing because the steam it produces spreads intestinal bacteria into the air.

Bath Or Shower, Second Date

Soap residue, hair, dead skin… doesn’t sound good at all, does it? It is a great sanctuary for the growth of bacteria and fungi. The ideal is to disinfect the tray, screen, and coverings after each use or to ensure perfect ventilation of the space. For this quick cleanup, dab a little bathroom cleaner on the sponge and run it through the tub or shower. If you do this frequently, there shouldn’t be too much-embedded dirt and it will be quick. Do not try to leave it like the gold jets, that is what general cleaning is for. As for the screen, the idea is that every time you shower, you wipe its surface a little with a cloth to remove the remains of water. This prevents tartar and lime from accumulating. In any case, if you want to clean it more carefully, watch this video from our cleaning expert.

Clean The Sink And Bidet

Following the same dynamic as with the bathtub, go through the rest of the restrooms. Wet the cloth and add a little bathroom cleaner. Goes over all surfaces quickly. You do not need to dedicate yourself to remove the objects that you have above. In fact, the ideal is that you keep the bathroom tidy every day and without too many things in between. Cleaning will be much faster and easier.

Clean The Mirrors

You also don’t have to work very hard or do it all the time in this 5-minute bathroom cleaning routine. You will only do this step if the mirror has splatters or stains. Take another cloth and impregnate it with a little cleaning vinegar and clean the mirror. Although it smells a little like vinegar, it will disappear after a few minutes, don’t worry.

Clarify Everything

Moisten the second cloth and pass all the toilets. First the toilet, then the bathtub or shower, and thirdly the sink and bidet. Go rinsing it to remove the remains of soap that you have been eliminating. Take advantage of this step to pull the chain, remove the brush and leave it in place.

Sweep The Floor

If you have a robot vacuum, let it do a quick sweep of the bathroom floor. If you don’t have one, use the broom.