Keys to proper bathroom cleaning


Keys to proper bathroom cleaning We give you the keys to a correct cleaning of the bathroom or toilet of your house. Among the keys to cleaning the bathroom are: the bathtub, the sink, the toilet, and the tiles, There are many areas to be treated for proper bathroom cleaning. In addition to the most important areas to be cleaned, it is necessary to take into account aspects such as humidity, mold,… The keys to a correct cleaning of the bathroom include areas such as the bathtub or shower, the sink, and the toilet, as well as the walls and floors (tiles and tiles). However, there are surrounding areas that it is important to clean carefully, such as the shower screen or curtain, the mirror, or the ventilation grill, in addition to the electrical appliances that may be located in the bathroom.

A bathroom or toilet cleaning:

Cleaning The Bathtub

Tips and tricks for the correct cleaning of the bathtub in our bathroom. Follow these tips and you will find it easier to keep your bathroom clean for longer.

Cleaning The Shower

Keeping the shower clean is essential. The main enemy of the shower and its cubicle is calcification; anyway, you don’t need a commercial product to stand up to it. Control it by spending a few minutes a week with this simple and environmentally friendly practice.

Cleaning The Sink

The sink is one of the key pieces of bathroom cleaning. In addition to the sink and the sink cabinet, we must pay special attention to the faucet, both outside and inside, and to the drain. In the drain, it is important to prevent blockages from occurring.

Clean The Toilet

Toilets contribute to the reproduction of bacteria. Destroy them with a weekly cleanup. If it is used by several people, clean it every day with a squirt of toilet cleaner.

Bathroom floor and wall cleaning:

Impeccable Tiles And Tiles

Care and cleaning of tiled floors and bathroom tiles. As well as its cleaning depending on the materials.

Cleaning The Mold In The Bathroom

To eliminate the mold that is generated in the bathroom, we will help ourselves with a broom and an old towel. In this way, it will be easy for us to reach the upper areas of the toilet, and for the most inaccessible corners or joints, we will use an old toothbrush.

Other parts of the bathroom:

Removing Mold From The Mat

The non-slip mat that we have inside the bathtub is a source of bacteria, especially mold. It is important to clean it after each use to prevent black mold from accumulating and posing a danger to our health.

Removing Limescale From The Shower

Limescale deposits on screens, tiles, and taps leaving them unsightly and dull. To remove limescale when we have to clean the bathroom, we will use a vinegar-based cleaning product, the best anti-limescale there is and ideal for hard water areas.

Cleaning The Shower Screen

Once you get into the afternoon of cleaning the bathroom, one of the most critical areas is the shower screen. The accumulation of soap, lime and splashes of water make the room ugly. When you clean the window panes with ammonia and water, you can take advantage of giving the screen a hand with the same mixture.

Cleaning The Bathroom Mirror

To clean the bathroom mirror and prevent it from fogging up with the steam that we create when bathing or showering, there is a very simple solution. With a sprayer, in which there is a mixture of vinegar and water, we will spray our bathroom mirror to clean it. Then we will dry it with a cotton cloth.