Plants for kitchen

Ten perfect plants to place in the kitchen for decoration


On the shelves, the counter, or through a window… Don’t miss out on the options that we bring you so that you have a beautiful and attractive kitchen, and above all, full of vegetation.

The kitchen is a very busy space in houses, on many occasions, it becomes the place where we gather as a family to have breakfast every day… For this reason, and because it is still one of the most public rooms in our homes, it is important that your decoration is up to date and that we feel comfortable in it.

Although there are many things to take into account when keeping your kitchen updated, such as which tiles to choose, placing an island, the material of the countertop, or the finishes of the furniture, there are other simple decoration ideas, but they will achieve very good results. original and pretty.

On this occasion, we want to show you how to include plants in the kitchen, no matter what the color and style are, with these decorating ideas and trends with plants you can fill your kitchen with nature and get a cozy and pleasant space, with a bohemian touch. . There are several ways to do it, from placing small pots on the shelves and countertop to having a planter cabinet where you can place all of them, and that they remain in a focal point. Pay attention to all the proposals, choose the one you like the most, and brighten up your kitchen!


The potho is an easy-care houseplant. If you are starting with this plant thing, it will be your perfect friend. In addition, it has the virtue of purifying the air of harmful substances. When it comes to watering, less is more and it is always better to fall short than to overwater. A bright environment with indirect light and near an outside window will make its leaves grow larger and more beautiful.

Aloe Vera

Perfect kitchen plants

In addition to being a perfect air purifier, this plant is medicinal and you can open one of its leaves and use its sap in case you have gotten a burn. That is why it is very useful in the kitchen! It is a plant that grows without a regular shape, so you can let it grow wild and appreciate its original shape.


Even for the managers of the plants, the cacti are very grateful. You can water them only every two months! They perfectly withstand high temperatures making them perfect for the kitchen. Also, if you learn to create beautiful combinations of small cacti, they will be the perfect element to decorate a cornice or a shelf.


Although until recently the butcher gave it to us, it is worth having a little fresh parsley in the kitchen. In a pot it needs light, but not direct sun, so you can put it near the window. As for its care: you have to cut the flowers so that the plant does not weaken and you must water it very often but with a small amount of water so that it is always somewhat moist.


Advice? Try putting the fern as a hanging plant. It is used to grow in very humid and rather dark climates, so the interior areas are the most suitable to keep it always ready and if you have a kitchen with little light… nothing happens. It does need, yes, a space with enough humidity.

Ribbon Or Malamadre

A somewhat controversial plant because many people may not like it. However, its ability to survive in any environment makes it perfect for the kitchen. Remember that the ideal is that it has high levels of humidity, also, if you put it next to a window so that sunlight enters it, it will grow much more. If you don’t take too much care of it, don’t worry, it takes little care.

Joy Of The House

With the scientific name Impatiens Walleriana, this flowering plant native to China is a classic both indoors and outdoors. It needs abundant watering but avoids puddles. You may know it by other names such as the joy of home, bear ears, balsamine… Its greatest value is that it produces flowers constantly and they are of beautiful colors: pink, purple, violet… A perfect element to give joy to your kitchen.


This plant of tropical origin is widely used for the beauty of its leaves in two colors that, in addition, can change shape depending on the specific species. It does not withstand the cold very well (so do not put it in the window) and it does not usually exceed 50 centimeters in height. Like most plants, it needs a lot of light, but not directly.


It is one of the best-known aromatic plants and one that can bring a lot of joy to your dishes. That is why it is convenient to have it in the kitchen. It is a semi-shade plant so you can put it almost anywhere. It does not have very specific irrigation but you can always look at how the soil is: if you see it very dry it is time to water. You can cut the sprouts throughout the year, although, because the plant becomes bigger and bigger and with better leaves suitable for consumption, it is recommended that you renew it every year. You can do it from your own cuttings.


Another essential aromatic plant is also beautiful. Remember that you have to find a place that has good lighting and it is best to keep it at a temperature between 15 ºC and 20 ºC. Its watering must be regular and abundant and the ideal is to prune it at the moment it blooms, leaving small stems that later grow back. It will be your best friend in the kitchen.

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