Heating Your Conservatory

The Best Ways of Heating Your Conservatory


The most effective way of heating your conservatory is to factor in the method you’re going to use during the construction process. This will enable the elements to be installed in the most beneficial manner, leading to a warm and comfortable room you can use all year round. There are a number of different options available, including traditional central heating and under-floor heating as well as solar inserts and energy-saving blinds.


With central heating being a must-have feature for those looking to buy a home, radiators are a good option for conservatories. They are available in a variety of styles and designs, so you can choose one that matches the decor of your conservatory. You can even select slim profiles if you have a minimal amount of space or you want them to be more discreet.

Under-Floor Heating

This can be a good approach to conservatory heating if you have it installed during the initial building work. This is especially important if you’re using a pumped water system as opposed to an electric one, as all the plumbing work will need to be fitted into the flooring. They tend to work best under tiled or stone floors, but can be used with carpet as long as you don’t choose too thick a style.

Solar Film Inserts

Solar inserts, such as those available from Polycool, work by re-radiating heat back into the conservatory to help maintain a comfortable temperature. They can easily be fitted into the roof channels to minimize heat loss and are ideal if you’re looking for an additional method to keep your conservatory warmer that can be retro-fitted.

Energy-Saving Blinds

Conservatories have a large amount of glass, which can increase the amount of heat that is lost, reducing the temperature and often making the room unusable during extremely cold weather. Specialist energy-saving blinds are designed to fit the specific sections of glass in your roof, and they deflect the cold air to maintain the temperature within your conservatory.

Once you have an efficient and effective heat source for your conservatory, you will be able to make more use of the space. Rather than its being a room that no one wants to use during the winter, everyone will be looking forward to curling up in the warmth.