Wedding and Engagment Ring

The Dos and Don’ts of Buying an Engagement Ring


Planning to propose marriage to your girlfriend is a big event. You’ll want to get it right. As such it makes sense to plan ahead so every element is thought of well in advance. Here is some advice to help it go to plan.

Are you planning to propose in the near future? If so, how much planning have you put into this event?

It may be a simple question, but it is a major one to ask – probably one of the biggest questions you will ever ask in your whole life. It’s no wonder so many men get nervous when the moment arrives!

Nerves are to be expected of course, but you can help ensure things go to plan by focusing on how you’ll do it – and which ring you will propose with. A diamond ring is of course the classic – the timeless gift that says it all. It is worth looking through a large selection if you can.

Hatton Garden in London is famous for its jewelers. Diamond engagement rings available in Hatton Garden should certainly be an option. Consider the style of each ring, its size, and how many diamonds are included, as well as the cut. These are all questions you need to consider if you want to make sure you can get the right ring to propose with.

Remember this is a big decision, and rushing the process of buying an engagement ring isn’t wise. You should have a budget in mind for your purchase that is realistic for your situation too. Furthermore, you should consider what your girlfriend would appreciate. Is she more likely to appreciate a small and understated ring that has a single diamond in the center? Or is she going to be wowed by a bigger ring with a series of diamonds around its edge?

As you can see, choosing the right ring is important and is not a decision to be rushed. You can compare and contrast different styles and designs. In there somewhere is the right ring for you to propose with.

If you already have a date in mind on which you would like to propose, make sure you start ring shopping well in advance. While you may come across the ideal ring at the first time of asking, you should prepare for it to take a while to find what you need. This means you can build in some breathing space in case you need it. There is nothing worse than trying to find and buy an engagement ring when you only have a few days left to find the ideal one.

However long it might take to find the ring you are searching for, you will be glad you have done your homework when you finally come to propose. All the hard work will be worth it when you reveal your intentions and she sees the ring for the first time. All you have to do now is to work out how to surprise her with the perfect proposal.