Car wash tricks

Tricks to wash the car and leave it like new


Washing your car well and often is not just a matter of aesthetics. If, on the one hand, we will make it look like it did on the first day, on the other, we will be contributing to the correct operation of the headlights, sensors, and cameras that equip the latest generation vehicles today. In other words, the exterior maintenance of the car can be as important as the care we devote to mechanical issues, especially when it comes to a vehicle that has sensors connected to the infotainment equipment to help drive.

As we have already mentioned on previous occasions, there are different types of washing: automatic washing with pressure hoses, tunnel washing, cleaning by hand or dry or ecological washing, which is the least known because special products are needed and Not all companies are willing to invest in this system as they consider it the least economical of all.


Car wash tips


The vacuum cleaner and the chamois are going to be our co-workers to leave the cabin very clean. With the vacuum cleaner, we will clean the mats and the surface of the seats and we will leave the rag to clean the plastic areas, the dashboard, the glove box, and the other holes. Then, with a small portable compressor, we will remove the dust and dirt from the air conditioning ducts. If the seats have grease or oil stains, we must apply a specific foam for upholstery and rub them with a sponge or brush. To remove sticky products, such as sticky gum or candy, it is advisable to previously apply a little ice to harden the surface and proceed with the subsequent scraping.


Windshield wipers make it easier for us to drive during rainy episodes. Its movement from side to side sweeps the water that accumulates on the windshield and allows us to see the outside. In principle, this is its main function, although they also serve to clean the glass on specific occasions. The comfort that this automation provides us should not be an excuse for us to neglect cleaning the windshield by hand, since only in this way will we be able to keep the entire window clean. To do this, we must rinse them with soap and water and then dry them with a cotton cloth. When the crystals are dry, apply a jet of window cleaner and we will clean the surface with a chamois. We will have to dry them with the newspaper since this will prevent traces of lint from sticking to the glass.

Body Work

If you are going to wash the car by hand, you should lather the external surface with a sponge soaked in water and detergent. Do not make the mistake of taking the first bottle you have on hand (usually it is dishwashing soap) because you have to choose a detergent that is not aggressive for the paint and the layer of wax that covers it. Once the car is soaped, we will proceed to rinse it with plenty of water and dry the surface with a microfiber cloth that does not damage the paint. Thanks to its great absorption capacity, this type of cloth prevent stains that occur when water evaporates, caused by traces of dirt and minerals.


It is not necessary to apply wax every time we wash the car, but it is advisable to do it once every 4-6 months to protect the paint. There are natural and synthetic waxes. The former is more expensive and is especially recommended for paints in dark tones, as they provide greater depth to the color. If our car is light in color, we can apply synthetic wax, which also has the advantage that it is more durable. In both cases, microfiber cloth must be used to administer the wax.


To clean the rims it is better that they are not hot, so if you have just used the car it is preferable that you wait for them to cool down. We will start by applying a water bath to remove the most superficial dirt and then we will pass a slightly moistened sponge to remove the most embedded dirt. Next, we will use a neutral soap, since acidity can damage its shine, and we will wait a few minutes to remove the product with a chamois.


To achieve polishing the tires, there are specific products on the market to apply them. However, we can opt for a home remedy that will help us save a few euros, consisting of mixing pure glycerin -sold in pharmacies- with distilled water in equal parts. Once we have the solution, we put it in a sprayer and apply a small amount on the side of the tire. Next, we spread the liquid throughout the tire and rub with the soft part of the sponge. Once dry (after an hour) the tire is ready.

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