What happens in a spa day?


To spend a day at the spa and fully enjoy all the services made available by the SPA, you need to bring only the essentials. To prepare for a day at the spa, wear comfortable clothing, both in summer and in winter, such as shorts and a t-shirt or tracksuit. We suggest visiting laser hair removal in Manhattan.

Once you arrive at the spa, clothes and other personal items can be stored in the locker rooms in special lockers available to guests of the SPA. Or in the rooms, if you have decided to stay for one or more nights.

Starting of the Spa day

In this case, you can also bring one or more changes of clothes with you, depending on the length of your stay at the spa, especially if a romantic dinner or a walk outside the structure is planned.

Don’t forget a jacket or a sweater in the months when the temperature difference between day and night is very high. Moving on to clothing to wear at the spa, the costume is the first item to put in the suitcase.

There is no type of costume better than another. Everyone has their own needs for comfort and ease. A bath in thermal pools, a whirlpool, a sauna is all activities to be done in total tranquility and carefree to fully enjoy the benefits on mind and body that only spas can give you.

The only advice is to avoid heavy fabrics, which hold water for a long time (this is especially true for men’s swimsuits). Visit the wax centers in midtown Manhattan to get the best care for waxing.

Simple fabrics and patterns are recommended for women. Both a bikini and a one-piece suit are fine. The two-piece has an advantage: being less extended on the body and leaving the abdomen free, it facilitates drying, also limiting the stagnation of sweat, steam and humidity produced by saunas and thermal pools on the skin.

This also helps the detox process that the thermal waters bring with them: a space-saving swimsuit facilitates the elimination of toxins and harmful substances present in the body that thermal water, thanks to its benefits, brings to the surface.

For the same reason, it is strongly recommended to bring at least one spare swimsuit with you, so that you can replace the wet one with the dry one once you get out of a tub to reach a new treatment point or to take a short lunch break at the restaurant of the structure.

A spare swimsuit is even more recommended if you plan to swim at night  (or even in the afternoon during the spring and autumn season) since the outside temperature is colder after sunset and the temperature range between the thermal water and the air is higher. The same goes for the bathrooms during the winter.

To spend a weekend at the spa, the other item to take with you is definitely the bathrobe. Space-saving and quick-drying, perhaps in microfiber, to wear as soon as you come out of the water, to pass between the thermal baths when it is cold, the bathrobe is also useful before and after a  wellness treatment at the wellness center, for example, massages.

The same thing goes for the slippers, which also help protect against fungi and bacteria present on the floor and, if non-slip, prevent you from falling. It is good practice to use a pair of slippers exclusively for a stay at the spa. As mentioned before, as soon as you arrive, you can store your clothes in a special locker, including the shoes with which you went to the spa.

Useful accessories

Among the useful accessories to put in the suitcase is the towel. Used during sessions in the sauna and turkish bath, the towel is also useful for taking a moment to relax and lie down in the sun after a nice bath, on the loungers along the thermal lake or on the floor near the spring. Like a bathrobe, a small, easy-to-dry towel is better.

To spend a day at the spa, another item to take with you is the hair cap. In fact, it is usually mandatory to use it for bathing in thermal pools. If you don’t have a cap, you can usually buy it at the entrance to the spa.

Finally, it is advisable not to forget the shower gel and shampoo to take a shower at the end of the relaxing day at the spa facilities.

General rules

Before entering the thermal pools, as well as for activities in wellness centers, a preventive shower is recommended to prepare the body for the benefits of thermal waters, humid environments such as the hammam and the numerous treatments available, such as mud baths or the Kneipp path.

The shower also serves to avoid bringing into the water substances that could undermine its purity, such as the face or body creams.

Even if the thermal water is hot, avoid bathing while digesting. Baths should be short, maximum 20 minutes, but frequent, interspersed with relaxation breaks of 30-45 minutes. In this way, your body is stimulated, and its ability to absorb the benefits of hot water rich in mineral salts becomes maximum.

And under the falls, the stay should not exceed 10 minutes since the concentration of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide is maximum at this point.

It is suitable for everyone, adults and children. Admission to children, who must always be accompanied by an adult under 3 years of age, is free. The pools are open in any season, on Sundays and also on public holidays. Finally, we recommended Waxing studio Manhattan and the Best facial for acne in Manhattan to know more details.