Things Never Do with Your BMX Bike

What Things Never Do with Your BMX Bike


In today’s article, we’re going to be going over the top of what things to never do to your pro BMX biker. Honestly, any BMX bike in general.

Never Run with Low Tire Pressure

Starting off, one thing to never ever do to your BMX bike is to run low tire pressure.

That is one of the biggest trends that’s happening in BMX today is that you see a lot of these and professional adult BMX bike rider street riders, anybody run lower tire pressure than what’s recommended in their tire.

You see all these street riders running like 30 PSI, 40 PSI, and tires that recommend 80 to 110. So one thing you really want to make sure is you’re running a good tire pressure that’ll help you do more tricks. and that’s one of the things I learned is I used to run low tire pressure, and then once.

They started pumping my bad boys up in my tire pressure and I learned tricks so much better efficiency.

So definitely run the tire pressure that was recommended for your tire and nibble save you. It will help you, and it will let you learn tricks better.

Never Loose Spokes

Next on the list guys are to never, ever run loose spokes. That is actually what has, how my bike right now, the front wheel right now, there is just loose spokes everywhere which is just a recipe for disaster.

One thing you guys need to know is that once you run loose spokes, once one snaps, the rest will just start going down like dominoes on.

Do you guys want to do is make sure your spokes are always tight and you guys will know this when you’re riding it and you’ll hear the kind of crunching and moving around? It’s not a pleasant sound to definitely tighten your spokes up before you ride and make sure they’re all tight and dandy and also help your ramps.

Stay true and will help prevent it from bending and making it all whack and just assuring your wheel.

So say or add paint and it got the new bearings and then make them do it. You grease those things. No, I don’t really think it matters. They come great while they’re supposed to come grease.

Riding the BMX for a while. Those tires up with grace for all and you should probably just grease them.

Next on those guys is something that not a lot of people think to do, especially when they get new bearings and that is to never and run dry bearings all the time.

When people get brand new bearings from bike parks or Dan’s comp, or like Applebee’s, they’ll get them right out of the box and then they’ll just throw them in their bike.

One thing you always need to do is grease them. Usually, they come grease, but it’s always a safe thing to add extra grease, too much and grease is dangerous, but not as dangerous as running dry bearings.

That’s one thing that’ll help you, especially with bar spins, ups, and other tricks like that.

It’ll help your crank spin for crank flips and it’s just never run dry bearings guys. That is just one of the things we never wanted to tell you that you’d snap your forks.

I know they are flight Agua forks and we messed up really bad and we cut them a little too short.

One thing you guys always want to do especially when it comes to cutting bike parts is measure twice cut. Once that is the most important thing. So measure twice cut once and it will save your life.

Never Run Dry Bearings

Next on the list, boys and gals is a thing that is pretty well known as something that you should never do, but this is definitely going out to all you beginners out there is that is to make sure you tighten up everything on your bike.

Especially when it comes to a stem, especially when it comes to your cranks, especially when it comes to anything.

A lot of the times you will see people that just get into BMX and they’ll sit there and they’ll tighten their stem. This is obviously, obviously, but this is one of the things I used to do as well.

I used to tighten up. This boat as much as I could this bowl, as much as I could and just go in a weird, oddly order.

One thing you guys want to do is tighten them out evenly. So this one, you hand tighten it to the point where it’s a little tight and then you go in a cross pattern and that falls up with almost everything else on the bike make sure you just tighten up.

Everything evenly. One of the things you don’t want to do, especially when it comes to a stem is you’ll see it right here as well.

You guys can see here, this side is tighter than this side, and that is just asking for a snap boat. So that is one thing that you really need to do, especially when it comes to tightening a headset is make sure you tighten everything evenly and especially everything else in the bike to make sure it is all tightened, evenly, and mood to go.

Now, everything that I said in this article was most likely common sense, but that’s going to cap off this article. This article is meant for beginners as there are articles made for people who are just getting into BMX.


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