garage door lock all the way

Why won’t my garage door lock all the way?


Do you know the reasons why your garage door lock is not working? In this post, we will give you all these reasons and tips to solve them before calling a specialist. It is really annoying and unpleasant. You open your garage door to get out in a hurry (because we are always in a hurry) and watch in amazement that it does not close. And, of course, a garage door is often the front door to your house.

Why is the garage door lock not working?

You are not going to leave it half open for anyone to enter. And what to do when the garage door does not close completely? Well, now we are going to give you some tips. But first, let us tell you one thing.

An automatic garage, commercial or factory door is just that: an automatic door. In other words, it is made up of a series of mechanical parts that need certain maintenance. Many times, when you notice that your garage door does not close completely, it is because there has been poor maintenance.

About door maintenance

You can do this maintenance yourself. But what we advise you to hire a specialized company to carry out said maintenance. It is the best way to make sure that you will never suffer an untimely breakdown.

Indeed, the automatic door sector has also evolved a lot, and the materials used are increasingly durable and resistant. But no one is free from a fault.

For greater peace of mind for the consumer, you have to look for automatic doors and door motors that have CE Marking. This marking is the one offered by the authorities and means that the products have passed through strict quality controls. In our online store, you will see that most of the products we offer you carry this CE Marking. And after this introduction, it is time to see the most frequent problems.

My garage door does not close completely due to the photocell

This can be one of the first causes why your automatic door does not close completely. It is possible that the photocell is dirty and when it detects an obstacle, it stops short.

It may stand a short distance from the ground or even return to its natural position. Think of these cells as so-called anti-crushing cells. Conveniently, you have them.

As soon as it detects an obstacle, it stops short. If a garage door is located on a very busy street, it is good that you have this security system in case a child or an elderly person passes by.

If you detect this problem, it is very easy to solve. You just have to wipe this “electric eye.” On the sliding doors that are to the outside, it is also possible that leaves, insects, or anything else that “invites” the door not to close properly is deposited.

Be careful with the tension springs

Tension springs are bars that are located above the garage door. They usually have a couple of them located in the center. When these springs break, it happens that the door does not lower until the end of its travel.

There is no choice but to replace the broken spring. But more security we advise you to change the two so that they have the same useful life.

We advise that you call a specialist because these springs are not easy to change and have a certain danger if you do not know exactly how they work. The specialist will also carry the appropriate tools to make such a change.

Check the pulleys

Another reason why your garage door does not close completely is the wear on the pulleys. As in the previous case, we recommend calling a specialist to proceed to replace them.

A bent track

A bent track can prevent the garage door from opening or closing. You will need to straighten, adjust, or replace it.

Well, this is all we wanted to tell you. We have related in this post all the reasons why your garage door does not close at all. It may be due to the electric safety photocell, tension springs, worn pulleys, or a bent track. The best thing to avoid these problems is that you do regular maintenance or that you hire a specialized company for this purpose.

Have you had a problem with your door? Have you ever noticed that your garage door lock doesn’t close the door all the way? Solve by following the methods.

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